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Chris Wood leads walk around Norwich buildings. Tuesday July 9th 2019.

Photo of Chris and his followers.
A walk around Norwich buildings
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Visit to Attleborough Buddhist centre on June 11th 2019.

An enjoyable evening for seven of us.
Attleborough Buddhist centre
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24th April 2019

The Norwich Interfaith Link group echoes the statement of the UK national InterFaith Network of Co-Chairs, expressing our condolences to the communities, families and individuals caught up in the Easter Day terrorist attacks on Roman Catholic churches, hotels and other properties in Sri Lanka. Such attacks on worshippers and global tourism emphasise the need for the human family to stand together and continue to work against ignorance, prejudice, hatred and extremism with even greater commitment. The right of all communities to worship freely while respecting other people’s freedom within the law to express their beliefs, is promoted by increasing opportunities to learn to understand what others believe and value, in an atmosphere of mutual respect for difference without conflict. Together, we ask for a greater awareness of the need to listen and respond to others with openness and respect, so we can move forward to work in ways that acknowledge genuine differences, but build on shared hopes.